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Winter Skincare: Routines to keep healthy and hydrated

Updated: Jan 15

Our cold climate and centrally heated indoor air can play havoc with the skin during the winter. Here are some tips to keep facial and body skin looking and feeling good whatever the season.

Skin changes during colder weather.

Caring for skin takes just a little extra time and effort during winter. Cold air dries our skin and can cause a rough, flaky surface. Our skin becomes dehydrated due to central heating when we spend more time indoors, and drinking lots of hot drinks like tea and coffee also adds to the problem.

Winter Skincare Tips

To retain moisture and help protect, try layering your skincare products by applying an oil-based moisturiser. Or you can use facial oil as a foundation, then apply your favourite cream, moisturiser or skin balm to areas most prone to dryness and cracking.

Stay Hydrated

We love and recommend our Marula facial oil, which is rich in antioxidants; it penetrates deep into the skin and helps strengthen our natural skin barrier. It's light but moisturising, perfect as a primer for makeup and absorbs quickly. A couple of drops in the morning and evening is all you need. A 50ml bottle is ideal for storing in your bag for extra moisture and instant glow throughout the day.

Winter Skincare Routines

Try our organic-natural lip balm and our unscented, nourishing, Innocent skin balm on cheeks, chin, hands and heels for intense moisturisation. Our 15ml lip balm is perfect for bags or pockets, and I've never been without this tiny pot of magic during cold weather.

To lock moisture in, opt for showers rather than long soaks in hot water and use a rich body oil or body butter after bathing.

We recommend our Live Well Shea Body butter for intense hydration - it's natural, certified vegan, and quickly sinks into your skin, leaving no greasy residue.

Natural Products - Natural Skincare

If you're keen to make sustainable swops this year, try switching from skin-drying body washes and commercial soap and opt for natural glycerin-rich soap bars or natural shower gels/foams.

When your skin feels dry, it's normal to opt for a rich moisturising treatment, but you're more prone to spots and blemishes if you don't regularly exfoliate (face and body). Use a gentle exfoliating mild skin scrub or a specifically designed sponge or washcloth. Exfoliating once a week will help rid your skin of dead skin cells.


For gentle facial cleanse and buff, we recommend CloudCloth®. We sell a pack of three on our website and include them in some of our gift sets.

A 2-in-1 cleanse & exfoliate, the organic cotton cloth has a soft side for cleansing your skin and removing makeup and a woven side to gently buff and refresh your complexion.

We've been using the Citrus Body Scrub by Starest for some time and love it! The scrub leaves skin intensely moisturised and is rich in nourishing oils, and it's natural-organic and the best we've found for body exfoliation and hydration.

Unsurprisingly we recommend our Artisan essential oil soap bars that are glycerine rich and leave your skin smooth and supple.

Try our Coffee & Lime exfoliating soap to help slough off dry skin cells.

Our popular Lavender soap with buds is a gentle exfoliating bar rich in natural oils and botanicals that nourish and restore your skin.

Throughout winter, consider overnight deep moisturising treatments, such as waterless balms, body oils and Shea butter moisturisers, which can help dry rough areas like feet, hands, elbows and lips.

With the central heating cranked up, it's easy for skin to become even dryer - you can run a small humidifier to help your skin absorb moisture and increase your water intake, which helps to hydrate your skin.

Our skin is more fragile during the winter months, but you can have healthy, radiant skin all winter with a little extra TLC.

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