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At Live Well, we believe that using plants and oils harvested from other countries means being responsible.  We believe in sourcing ingredients ethically and being mindful that plants and their elements are not grown and harvested to the detriment of the local population of people who grow and produce the crop.  

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Where do our ingredients come from?



We decided at the inception that every ingredient used in our skincare range would be ethically sourced and that our suppliers needed to share the same values and ethos as us.

We are so passionate about British manufacturing and cutting down on air & sea miles; we wanted to give something back to the communities where many natural skincare ingredients come from, so we have partnered up with Buy1Give1.

Buy1Give1 is a trustworthy social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world full of giving. B1G1 helps medium and small businesses achieve social impact by embedding their giving activities into everyday business operations.

By joining B1G1, our little business can make a small but positive difference.

Making a difference

For example, Shea Butter (from the Shea Nut) is the main ingredient in three of my products. Marula Oil (from Marula fruit) is also an ingredient in one of my products, and both the Shea nut and Marula fruit originate from South Africa.  


I have taken two of my best selling skincare products, Marula Facial Oil and Shea Body Butter and partnered them with our giving back project.


Projects supported
  1.  Giving a Nutritious Meal to impoverished children in Kenya.

  2.  Providing Meals for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence in Kenya.


Each time you purchase a bottle of Marula Oil or Shea Body Butter from us, we donate to B1G1, and each purchase provides ten meals to a survivor of gender-based violence and ten meals for impoverished children in Kenya.

We will be supporting other projects through Buy1Give1 and will keep you updated through our social media pages.

Together we can make a difference.
Thank you for being part of The Live Well story and helping me make a small difference.

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