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About Us

Discover our range of certified vegan premium, all-natural soap and skincare. Our philosophy is simple; nature knows best, and our plant-based collection contains only the finest natural ingredients. 

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Treat your skin to the all-natural goodness of Live Well soap, body butter, oils and balms. Let nature nurture your skin and enjoy the benefits of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

My philosophy involves creating and promoting Green skincare that's simple, natural, pure and crafted in the UK.

I believe Green beauty products are safe for the environment, and should never include animals in the creation, testing, or manufacturing process.

All our products are suitable for every skin type, and our soap is incredibly kind for those with sensitive skin and eczema.  

I've always loved natural soap and used to bring back bars for friends and family on my travels through Europe.  I suffer from dry skin and have experienced particular sensitivities to commercial soaps and beauty products. 


When I created Live Well, I was keen to find Artisans and manufacturers that shared the same values and ethos in creating natural beauty products. 




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