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Live Well - Winter Skin tips

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Air pollution and excessive exposure to the sun can make the skin age faster and appear dull and dry. In Winter when air temperature and humidity levels drop, we lose moisture from our skin, which combined with cold winds and heated homes can reduce the skin's natural protective barrier making it harder for the skin to stay hydrated.

As a dry skin and eczema sufferer, I make an extra effort during the colder months for some serious skin pampering and ramp up my skincare routine.

Skincare tips:

  • Cleanse and moisturise every evening.

  • Use nourishing facial serums and oils.

  • Regularly apply a generous slick of lip balm.

  • Apply a liberal application of foot cream.

  • Keep your hands in tip-top condition with nourishing hand-cream

  • Swop skin-drying shower gel for a natural soap bar full of glycerine.

  • Use a humidifier in the bedroom.

  • Turn down the thermostat.

  • Don't have the bathwater too hot & add bath oils or body oil.

  • Slough off dry skin cells by exfoliating once a week.

  • Ditch the coffee and alcohol for water and natural fruit juices.

You might consider swapping your daytime moisturiser for light oil. Facial oils are lovely to use under your makeup and will keep your complexion hydrated throughout the day. Our Marula facial oil is our top-seller and go-to product. A little goes a long way.

Chase away those Winter Blues

It's not unusual to suffer from the Winter Blues due to the lack of sunlight and clear skies, and it's very tempting to stay indoors when the weather is icy and damp. During Winter, I tend to focus more on myself; and understand how important it is to take time both literally and figuratively to nourish my body inside and out. Hibernating a little and cosseting myself but still enjoying the cold weather by wrapping up and going for long walks. I give my skin protection against the elements by using deep nourishing moisturisers and lots of lip balm.

The Great Outdoors

Give your skin a healthy dose of fresh air and go outdoors. Soaking up some natural light and fresh air increases our energy levels. A brisk walk and regular top-up of vitamin D increases blood flow and provides skin with a natural tonic and clearer complexion. Remember to use skin protection against UV rays and that all-important lip treatment. I never go out without a pot of our sweet orange lip balm.

With biting winds and cloudy skies; isn't it easier to stay put and curl up on the sofa? It is, but the health benefits of being outside in Winter and getting some exercise are many. Regular walks help us sleep better, giving those little grey brain cells a terrific boost. A brisk walk releases those feel-good chemicals that improve our mood and as a by-product help reduce anxiety and stress, which in turn gives our complexion a lovely glow.

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