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Live Well - The History of Soap

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Interesting historical facts:

Soap has been around for at least 4,800 years: even the ancient Egyptians used a similar substance to our modern soap. Soap was made from alkali and animal fat.

Candlemaker William Procter (an English born American-Industrialist) and soap manufacturer James Gamble founded Procter & Gamble - way back in 1837.

In the nineteenth century, Italy, Spain and France were the soap capitals of the world.

In 1865, American, William Sheppard received a patent for the first liquid soap, also known as "improved liquid soap" It was not like the soap we know today, but rather a thick, syrupy substance.

From 1964, American entrepreneur Robert Ridgely Taylor invented hundreds of variants of the typical bar of soap at his own kitchen table. His golden move: a liquid soap that could easily be pumped from the bottle using a dispenser. He called it Cream Soap on Tap. This was sold as a luxury product in beautiful ceramic containers, and soon became an enormous success!

A short time later, in 1989, a man from Taiwan named Guey-Chuan Shiau invented the automatic soap dispenser.

And now we have almost come full circle, as we move away from liquid soap in plastic bottles and embrace the humble bar of soap again!

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