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Summer Skincare

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Whether we're soaking up the rays on the beach or busy working in the garden, our skin can suffer during summer. We're all aware of sun damage and the need to apply sunscreen, but to maintain a healthy complexion through the summer, we need to give our skin more love and care than during the cooler months.

Everyone's anxiety levels have been up to the rafters during the pandemic, so take a moment or two for your skincare routine and self-care rituals. Stress and worry affect your digestion, affecting your skin's appearance.

Summer skincare should be kept simple - no need for heavy makeup, and let your skin breathe! Here are a few summer skin care tips that don't take up too much of your time, so you can get out and safely enjoy the sun.

Maintain a simple routine and stick with it.

Warmer weather means the skin loses moisture, so depending on your skin type, use clay or hydrating facial cleansing mask once or twice a week.

Keep your skin hydrated and increase your water intake.

Exfoliate once a week. Our skin is good at shedding dry, flaky patches without much more than a regular wash with natural soap, so exfoliate with a gentle product in the form of an exfoliating soap bar, soft washcloth or cleansing mask. Exfoliating too often will result in dry and damaged skin. We are stockists of CloudCloth, organic cotton duel-sided cleanse & exfoliate cloth.

Use a facial scrub once a week to help remove excess dirt and oil from the skin. Choose a suitable scrub for your skin type and massage your face and neck gently to remove excess sebum and grime from the skin.

Give your complexion an instant tone by splashing your face with cold water after removing makeup and grime.

Best for Dry Skin

Dry skin loves plant-based facial oils, Shea Butter & Glycerin-rich natural soap.

Best for Oily Skin

Oily skin loves light creams, gels, natural soaps with clays or activated charcoal.

Best for Sensitive Skin

While not everyone will experience the same sensitivities, opting for all-natural products without additives or chemicals is best. Please keep it simple and soothing with pure natural soaps and fragrance-free moisturisers.

Vitamin E is renowned for its benefits to our skin and can be applied topically via serums and facial oils. Our Marula facial oil is light, rich in vitamin E, and perfect to use when the weather is hot and dry.

If you're applying a facial moisturiser, it must be SPF 15 or higher. Although SPF moisturisers and tints can help skin hydration and protection, they are not replacements for high-factor sunscreen.

For discerning gentlemen, our new Patchouli & Orange Beard & Body oil has a soothing and sensual fragrance and all-natural ingredients. A beautifully blended light oil that's great for helping tame beard tangles and your skin's condition.

Use the face and body to rejuvenate, cleanse and condition your skin.

Sunscreen creams & lotions take about 20 minutes to begin working after application, so apply to the skin at least 20-30 minutes before heading outdoors.

Enjoy the Summer!

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