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Live Well - Summer Skin Treatment

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

After my earlier blog on getting your feet Summer ready (here) and the importance of caring for our feet, this post is about the morning routine, and what I use, recommend and keep in my bathroom, so for this post, I’m focusing on body care.

Body Brush

If you want to get the lymphatic system going and help remove dead skin cells, then I endorse a good skin brushing session before you hit the shower! It also helps with cellulite reduction and stress relief!

Ideally, you need a body brush that has natural bristles which ensure you get that circulation and lymphatic system working. It can seem a bit brutal first thing in the morning, but you should try it! I don’t do this every morning, but when time allows, I include it in some “me time.”

Body wash

At Live Well, we are all about vegan soap and conscious beauty products. When it comes to using liquid soap, I love some for their fabulous fragrances, but more importantly, I am looking for a lovely cleansing wash that won’t dry my skin, and will make me feel invigorated and ready to start the day!

Body natural

A plus for me with vegan body washes is that their fragrances come from totally natural products. They usually contain therapeutic grade essential oils and plant extracts and don’t strip your skin of moisture.

My personal natural skincare favourites:

I love this brand, especially as their skincare collection is certified organic by the Soil Association, and they carry the cruelty-free Leaping Bunny logo! English Lavender is a pure relaxing essential oil which is calming and soothing and helps to relieve sensitive or dry skin.

Organic and a cruelty-free brand, I love their African Orange hand & body wash. This cleans and hydrates the skin and contains natural coconut, Aloe Vera, and has a beautifully delicate fragrance of orange and vanilla.

If the Live Well range included a body wash, then it would have to smell like this!

Body Moisturise

Naturally, I use my own Shea body butter! If you haven’t tried Shea, it’s worth checking it out. High in fatty acids, it’s rich in vitamin E – great for fighting off damage caused by free radicals. I’m a big fan of Shea as an amazing body moisturiser and have posted previously (here).

My other favourite vegan & cruelty-free brand is L’Occitane and in particular their Verbena body moisturiser.

With its fresh, zingy scent and lightweight texture, L’Occitane Verbena Body Lotion leaves skin feeling smooth and silky. It’s a light, non-greasy moisturiser which is quickly absorbed.

A morning favourite, it leaves skin with a sublimely refreshing smell that energises you for the day ahead.

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