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Smart EQ FORTWO COUPE Electric

With all the electric cars on the market - this is the perfect city car for one or two occupants. In our efforts to go greener, we bought a hybrid vehicle in 2015; this had a range of around 22 miles on electric and was ideal for local trips. However, we decided to replace it with a fully electric vehicle and were pleasantly surprised by the business tax advantages of buying the Smart EQ.

What we love about EVs is that they are better for the environment and have lower running costs and low maintenance due to fewer moving parts. There is also the added benefit of no road tax as they don't produce emissions. The Smart is a two-seater, so it would not suit a family, but it's the perfect low-cost vehicle for our business.

Since we took ownership in mid-May, we've done 300+ miles, and the vehicle is charged using our on-site solar. A full charge is around 80 miles, allowing us to do two weeks of urban driving before plugging in the charger.

Zipping in and out of Salisbury & Amesbury, this is the perfect tiny EV for parking and nipping into tight spaces where larger vehicles can't park. Despite its small size, there is plenty of room to stash our parcels for deliveries.

Since our village post office closed a few years ago, we've further to drive when we need to post our orders, but running the Smart using solar-generated power is better for the environment and cuts our business costs.

We've been impressed with the amazing turning circle, improved cabin space and auto transmission box. Since its launch in 1994, the petrol Smart car has come a long way and with the introduction of the stylish Smart EQ Fortwo, many improvements have given the car a much smoother ride with plenty of torque for quick acceleration when needed.

This little car is fit for purpose and perfect as a city car and for going on local trips.

For our business, here's a list of what we like about the Smart:

  • We are doing our bit for the environment

  • The car enhances our brand

  • Zero emissions

  • Zero Road Tax (this changes from 2025)

  • A genuine 80-mile range on a full charge

  • Plenty of storage space despite its diminutive size

  • Roomy, comfortable cabin with good visibility

  • Quick 40-minute charge time

  • Range warning light when the battery charge is at 20 miles.

  • Power saving Eco mode button.

  • You can choose colours and extras by ordering Smart cars online.

100% of the cost of a new electric is off-set against corporation tax (see HMRC for guidelines)

Road Tax Rule Change: From 1 April 2025, all EV owners will be required by law to pay the standard rate of road tax VED (vehicle excise duty), which currently stands at £165 tax year 2022/2023, rising to £180 in tax year 2023/2024. However, purchasing an electric vehicle with a list price of £40,000 or more will qualify for a premium car tax. Excerpt published February 2023 - see full article:

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Kelson Land

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