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Live Well - Sandalwood Soap

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Sandalwood, valued for its beautiful oriental woody fragrance is a popular choice for perfumes and aromatherapy.


Grown and managed in many places globally, such as India, New Caledonia, and Australia, the various Sandalwood species such as Santalum album and Austro-Caledonicum all have their uses in perfumery. Indian Sandalwood album is the most sought after for its beautiful scent.


Many Sandalwood industries have increased their production due to a worldwide shift in customer preference towards natural products and demand for ethical supplies of natural Sandalwood and essential oil. The increase in output of sustainably managed plantations increases green cover, reduces global warming, generates employment, and conserve the ecology.

Our luxury Sandalwood & May Chang soap, lovingly created using 100% purely natural ingredients, ethically sourced. Beautifully gentle, our soap bars create a rich, creamy lather and won’t dry your skin as they are full of naturally occurring glycerine and plant-based oils.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, sustainably sourced Palm Oil, French Green Clay, Sandalwood, May Chang & Bay Laurel essential oils.

Our product labels include a full list of INCA ingredients, weight, batch number and expiry dates.

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