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Live Well - Relax & Unwind

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we have still needed to venture out to buy groceries and collect prescriptions. It has been a very uncomfortable time for many of us with the uncertainty of when travel restrictions will be lifted and how we can remain healthy and sane whilst sharing our home 24 hours a day with other family members.

Admittedly, after two weeks of raised stress levels, I have now adopted a more relaxed and comfortable routine, and the downtime has allowed me to focus more on my own needs in the short term and make plans for a “better me” going forwards. I have taken this quiet spell in what would normally be a hectic time in my boarding cattery as an opportunity to pamper myself and spend more time on my skincare and personal fitness.

The luxury of an unhurried shower or time spent relaxing in a warm bath with our Live Well Aromatherapy Bath Salts is sure to clear the senses and aid relaxation, and our beautifully scented cleansing bars with Sandalwood & May Change, Mandarin & Ylang or Lavender helps to create a home spa experience. After your relaxing bath or shower; feed and nourish your skin using our natural Whipped Shea Body Butter or our organic Luxury Body Cream and treat tired feet to a gentle massage with our naturally rich Foot Butter.

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Apr 07, 2020

Sounds lovely. I am looking forward to your website going "live" so I can order some things! :)

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