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Live Well - what inspired me?

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Quite simply, I have always preferred bar soap to liquid soaps. There is nothing nicer than using a new soap bar and creating a creamy lather and soft, fragrant bubbles. I believe you can live well and better by opting for natural soap and skincare products.

On trips around Europe, I would visit the farmer's markets where Artisan soaps would be on display - the fabulous fragrances and selection of soaps were incredible! From pure Castille to Olive Oil and Lavender soap, I became hooked.

I contemplated becoming a soap maker and converting one of our outbuildings into a studio, then realised that would have conflicted with my other personal and business commitments. After researching and sampling various handmade soaps, I decided to source our lovely collection from a highly skilled and expert UK Artisan.


The ingredients that go into Live Well products come from around the globe. Shea butter is from the Shea nut grown and harvested in Africa, as is the Marula fruit in our facial oil. Many of the essential oils used in our soap and skincare products are from plants native to the UK, such as Rosemary, Lavender & Jasmin.

The Live Well collection is all-natural, with some products containing 90% organic ingredients. Everything is made in small batches, ensuring freshness and efficacy.

We're proud to be Vegan certified by the UK Vegan Society - this means that the Vegan Society checks all ingredients, processes and supply chains to ensure our products contain no animal derivatives.


Everything is sourced from UK manufacturers, and the majority of packing cartons are from recycled cardboard. Moisturisers and balms are stored in glass or PET plastic containers, all 100% recyclable. Packing tape is paper-based, and we use corn starch puffs to protect glass bottles and jars before shipping orders.

Solar photovoltaic tiles power the Live Well shop and office and charge our hybrid vehicle that's used to make local deliveries. For a small business, we want to be as planet-friendly as possible.


We are a team of two, and all things financial, stock control and web development are the responsibility of my business and life partner. We have complementary skill-sets, and having worked together for quite a few years; we seem to have found a business model that suits both of us.

As a small start-up, we want to grow our business organically. Like many other new businesses, advertising budgets are slim. Running Live Well alongside our pet boarding business has helped with sales and given us more exposure. Our customers have left lovely testimonials, which always gives us a feel-good boost.

Creating small batches of a new product and checking how our customers feel is the way forward for us - we have no plans to scale up; it's about offering a bespoke collection of natural eco-friendly beauty products and excellent customer service.


Lavender & Lemongrass soap is one of my favourites and has a gorgeous, uplifting fragrance; Patchouli comes a close second. My husband loves our new Coffee & Lime soap and uses our Sandalwood soap for shaving. All our bars are beautiful blends of skin-nourishing natural oils & butters and pure essential oils.

My other go-to product is our Marula Facial Oil - I use this twice a day. Our facial oil helps stimulate collagen renewal, and vitamin E in our oil helps strengthen the skin's barrier. For every purchase of our facial oil or Shea butter products, we donate Buy1Give1. We also offer a complimentary pack of CloudCloth organic cotton cleansing wipes with every purchase of Marula Oil.


I believe you should treat your skin as you would your body. We are what we eat, and skin needs the proper nutrients and care to help protect and repair sun and pollution damage.

A simple skincare routine is the best - I apply our green tea facial cleansing mask once a week and use our Shea Body Butter daily, which hydrates and protect my skin.

Our skin goes through many changes over our lifetime. Whatever age you are, your skin can benefit from pure and natural soap and moisturisers.


I love green vegetables, fruit and salads but believe a little of anything you fancy is not harmful. I confess to being a chocoholic, but a few naughty indulgences are ok! Generally, I like to eat well and opt for seasonal vegetables wherever possible - they've not travelled miles and are more nutritious.


I enjoy walking and try and go out every day unless it's teeming with rain. Walking helps me switch off and enjoy the lovely Wiltshire countryside. It also helps with my creativity.

Running a pet boarding facility means I'm outdoors in all weathers, so it's essential to protect my skin from the elements. I use our range of skin balms & oils, and at the end of a busy week, there's nothing nicer than a long soak in the tub with a couple of scoops of our aromatherapy bath salts.

Thank you for checking in and reading this article. We always appreciate a comment or share. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks, Pam x

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