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How does aromatherapy help reduce stress and promote relaxation?

Did you know that our sense of smell is closely linked to our memory and subconscious mind? It is no surprise that the fragrances associated with our childhood have a profound impact on us and evoke feelings of nostalgia and comfort. The smell of grass after the first drops of rain hit the ground, the aroma of freshly baked bread, and the fragrance of flowers can affect emotions and moods differently. 

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When it comes to fragrances, the aroma of scented candles directly affects our limbic system, which is the area of the brain responsible for memory and emotions. It can produce hormones like serotonin and dopamine that help to regulate our mood. This means the connection between scents, memories, and emotions can influence our emotional state.

Incorporating essential oil candles into your daily routine can effectively enhance physical and mental well-being amid the demands of today's fast-paced world. Let me share some ways these fragrant candles can significantly benefit your overall health and wellness.

1. Aromatherapy can reduce stress levels 

Aromatherapy can be an excellent way to relieve anxiety. Our sense of smell plays an essential role in our daily lives, often without us even realising it. Fragrances we find pleasant can positively impact our mood and help reduce anxiety by triggering the release of feel-good hormones. Therefore, including scented candles in your self-care routine, especially those that contain essential oils, can be highly beneficial.


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For instance, the fresh and zesty notes of Lemongrass and Lavender calm nervous tension and aid restful sleep.

2. Boosting your vitality

Scented candles can create a calming atmosphere and refresh you, providing a revitalising experience. Practising mindful breathing can also help you release negative thoughts and emotions, rejuvenating your energy and giving you a positive outlook. If you're feeling low on self-confidence, consider lighting a scented candle infused with Rose Geranium essential oils to enhance your mood.

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3. Increasing your brainpower 

Did you know that the aroma of essential oils can improve your brain power? Studies suggest that certain scents, such as cinnamon, almond, and peppermint, positively impact those little grey cells, promoting focus and productivity. Therefore, adding scented candles to your workspace could boost your productivity!

4. Improving sleep quality

Many people struggle with their sleep due to the busy and stressful lifestyle habits they have developed. As a result, they often find themselves staying up late at night. However, lighting a scented candle, such as lavender, can help them feel calm and relaxed. Lavender essential oil is well-known for its effectiveness in promoting peaceful sleep. Therefore, consider using aromatherapy candles, which can reduce stress and help alleviate insomnia.

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5. Creating a cosy ambiance 

Candles can transform any space, creating a warm, intimate atmosphere that engages all your senses. Adding scented candles can elevate this experience, enveloping yourself in a delightful aroma that enhances your mood and relaxation. Whether you're meditating, taking a soothing bath, or enjoying a romantic dinner, a scented candle's gentle flicker and inviting scent can create a comfortable, inviting environment.

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6. Enhancing your home decor 

Beautiful candles, available in various scents and designs, are decorative and practical tools for enhancing your living space. You can use fragranced candles to create a spa-like experience in your bathroom, eliminate odours in your kitchen, or create a cosy atmosphere in your living room. They're also perfect for adding a special touch to your garden, patio, or any other area of your home. 

Scented candle gift sets have become increasingly popular due to their ability to create a Scentology escape from everyday life. 

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8. Elevating your mood

As previously discussed, scented candles can induce a sense of peace and tranquillity. They can also alleviate stress and anxiety, leading to a lighter and happier feeling. Essential oils in candles activate chemicals in the brain which boost the production of serotonin and dopamine, known as our "happy hormones." This leads to an uplifted mood and a general feeling of well-being. Some great examples of scents that can achieve this are cinnamon and orange, lavender and lemongrass, and rose geranium, grapefruit, and neroli blends.

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10. Developing wellness habits 

Integrating scented candles into your daily routine is a luxury and a valuable self-care practice. Psychologists suggest pairing scented candles with other wellness activities, such as a relaxing bath, yoga, or meditation, to help you maintain a consistent self-care routine. So, whether you are trying to develop a new habit or unwind after a long day, lighting a scented candle can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that encourages you to care for yourself.

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History of Aromatherapy

Using essential oils to treat an illness has been popular for decades as it can offer various benefits, from improving sleep quality to relieving pain. Aromatherapy as a treatment for pain or other medical conditions is believed to have originated 3,500 years ago in ancient Egypt.

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