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CloudCloth® leading the way in facial cleansing

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

We are excited and proud to announce that we're official stockists of the beautiful facial cleansing cloth CloudCloth®. A 2-in-1 cleanse & exfoliate, the organic cotton cloth has a soft side for cleansing your skin and removing makeup and a woven side to gently buff and refresh your complexion.

CloudCloth® is both washable and reusable. These wonderful eco-friendly cloths are perfect to use with your favourite skin cleanser, soap or toner, or you can use with water to refresh and revitalise your face. What we love is that this is genuinely a zero-waste product.

CloudCloth® comes as a pack of three, each cloth individually wrapped and packaged in a smart outer wrapper. The company is committed to creating a sustainable future for our environment by providing an alternative to disposables.

Perfect for you to help with your skincare routine or equally to give as a gift.

I love these cleansing cloths and even use them to remove my weekly facial mask. They wash brilliantly at 40 Degrees and save water; I pop them in the washing machine with my bath towels. Soft, gentle, yet extremely effective. Pam


Makeup wipes that contain microplastics end up in landfills and clog our sewers. Cotton wool pads require huge water resources to grow the cotton and come packaged in plastic. Microfibre facecloths made from polyester, a synthetic plastic fibre that sheds particles into our oceans & rivers with every wash. Excerpt from

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