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Live Well - Clearer Skin

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

What we eat, drink and how much sleep we get is reflected in our complexion condition. Radiant blemish-free skin is a lot to do with our digestion, hormones and the right skincare regime. Our skin can suffer when we don’t drink enough water, or we experience digestive problems. High levels of anxiety and stress can also affect our skin, hair and nails.

Getting back to nature by being kinder to our skin and bodies is so important. With lower pollution levels (due to travel restrictions), our air quality is better, and our skin needs vitamin D provided by sunlight and fresh air. A walk, bike ride or even a session on a trampoline can help release those feel-good endorphins and help boost your healthy glow!

Using natural beauty products is a great start in giving your skin the gentle nutrients and ingredients to retain a healthy glow. Our range of soaps is glycerine rich and does not strip the skin of its essential natural sebum, and our facial oils are light and ideal as a base under makeup. Good skincare starts with natural soap, and our beautiful collection has been lovingly created for Live Well using no artificial fragrances or ingredients.

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