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Summer Foot Care

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

It's a mystery why the skin on our feet, especially our heels, tends to thicken and split even though we wear socks and shoes during the colder months. We look forward to abandoning our boots and slipping into sandals during the warm weather, but sadly, we've probably neglected our feet over winter, and they do not look pretty!

The skin around the heels is naturally thicker than the rest of our body and needs extra care to keep your feet looking their best. It's time to give your feet some love!

Start by giving them a lovely soak and exfoliating treatment once a week.

Here's a simple routine to treat your feet and get them back into tip-top condition:

  1. Place your feet in lukewarm water for around 20-30 minutes. A lovely soak using bath salts (preferably Epsom salts) will help to soften the skin.

  2. Work on removing stubborn hard skin using a pumice stone or foot file.

  3. A gentle body brush will stimulate the circulation in your feet.

  4. Gently pat and dry your feet.

  5. Apply a nourishing moisturiser and a balm to your heels to help soften the skin.

  6. Work in a little extra balm to the back of the heel.

  7. Gently massage your feet as you apply the moisturiser and balm, stretching all the tendons in the toe joints and the arch of your foot.

  8. Sit with your feet raised to allow moisturiser and cream to take effect.

To help improve skin condition, apply some moisturiser and balm to your heels each day, and if the skin is cracked and sore, wear full shoes rather than sandals to protect your heels.

We've got everything you need for a foot spa treatment. Our bath soaks are rich in Epsom salts, which are great for your skin and revitalise tired feet.

Our nourishing balm is a special recipe of Calendula Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter, and pure essential oils that quickly sink into the skin and leave no greasy residue.

A 60g balm in a glass pot goes a long way and can be used for lips, chapped hands, eyebrow shaping and as an intense cuticle treatment.

You might like to try our popular Shea Butter Peppermint & Juniper Berry foot butter. It's silky smooth and nourishes the feet, making them feel wonderfully soft.

A gorgeous combination of Shea butter and natural oils ensures that dry feet and cracked heels receive an intense moisturising treatment.

Foot care is not just about cleansing and moisturising. Our feet work hard every day, so certain skin conditions need to be addressed by qualified dermatologists. We have a couple of fantastic businesses in Salisbury for chiropody and podiatry.

Thank you for checking in. We are currently running a Summer sale with 20% off many of our soap and skincare.

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