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Live Well - Selfcare during Lockdown

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Running my animal boarding facility means working outside in all weathers. The extremes in temperatures can play havoc with my skin, and I also experience sensitivity to certain fragrances and chemicals in some skincare products. With this in mind, I looked to change my skincare regime completely, and everything I now use is completely natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Our glycerine rich soaps are especially kind to skin.

During Lockdown, I have a little more time to pamper myself. My facial cleansing routine helps keep my skin healthy and less prone to breakouts, and I apply our Marula Facial Oil night and morning. Using the oil, I gently pat into my skin, then massage face and neck, which stimulates the circulation.

Nature’s way of helping to get that radiant glow is drinking water, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Although we are aware that exercise is great for your body, it is fantastic for your skin. A regular workout increases your circulation and helps you sweat so that when you finish your exercise; be it a bike ride, run, or aerobic session, you will have a natural glow, and all that activity helps to flush toxins from the body.

Another way to help me unwind and relax is to put my wax melt burner on with some of Charlotte Louise Scents eco soy wax melts! These natural fragrances can help create a beautiful ambience in your home and now more than ever; we need to find ways of chilling out and creating a relaxing sanctuary. Calm and soothe the senses with these beautiful eco wax melts – my favourites are Springtime and Sleep Easy. These lovely soy wax melts are natural and environmentally friendly too! Check out the full selection at

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