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Introducing Ilona Coryndon Burns - Yoga Stuff, Salisbury

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

This week, we're delighted to bring you a Q&A with Ilona Coryndon Burns, founder of Conscious Yoga.

Ilona is a qualified yoga teacher who completed her 200 Hour Yoga training at the prestigious Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre in Goa and is opening her new shop, Yoga Stuff, at 8 The Maltings, in Salisbury, on 26th March! It's a considerable step in setting up a new business and preparing to launch an independent high street shop, so we'd like to say congratulations and best wishes for the success of this exciting new venture!

Please pop in and visit Ilona's lovely new shop, check out all the fantastic merchandise and keep up to date on all things yoga on her social media pages: Instagram: Yoga Stuff, Conscious Yoga, and

How long have you been practising yoga, and what style of yoga is it?

I've been practising yoga for around ten years, and while my first love will always be Vinyasa Flow, I enjoy lots of different styles, including Yin, Ashtanga and Restorative.

It's well documented that yoga is excellent for emotional health and physical well-being. What advice would you give to beginners who might think it's a difficult thing to master?

As cliché as it sounds, yoga is a journey - for some, a lifelong journey. Often you'll find that people discover yoga as a way to work through something else precisely because it offers that combination of mind-body benefits.


We live in a highly competitive society where being the best is seen as the only way to progress, and yoga is not that way. One of the core teachings of yoga is to let go of ego, competition and comparison. Everyone who practices yoga in any form is always learning; mastering a pose is great, but the real goal is learning to let go of expectations and reconnect with your body and mind.

So my advice to beginners is to give it a try. Every body (literally) is different - your practice will be unique to you, and the right teacher will guide you to find a practice that could make a big difference to your life off the mat.

What are the main benefits of practising yoga, and can you start at any age?

Regular yoga will help you re-align your body, strengthen muscles that could work better, connect with your breathing, and increase your flexibility and balance both on and off the mat. Yes, you can start at any age; yoga doesn't discriminate :)


Where do you run your Yoga classes?

I run classes Monday and Thursday evenings at Panthera Dance Company, Tuesday evenings at the Medieval Hall in the Cathedral Close, Salisbury and Friday mornings in Breamore.

What has practising Yoga done for you?

Aside from the physical benefits of increased strength, balance and flexibility, yoga has given me the tools to manage stress and anxiety in a far more positive way and was my sanctuary when life was tough.

What items will customers be able to buy from your new shop?

We'll be selling an extensive range of yoga gear - including mats, blocks, straps and bolsters. Our new stock includes a lovely selection of Activewear for women and men, mat cleaners, meditation accessories, and great incense. Try our Himalayan salt candles or browse our beautifully crafted ethical bath and body products. If you'd like to linger a while and taste our freshly made authentic India Chai, the shop has a small seating area where you can relax.

It's inspiring to start a new business - have you any tips for our readers on how to turn the dream into a reality?

The best advice I can offer is what I was given myself by one of my teachers - "everything you've ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear, so break down that wall and go for it!"

And finally, what do you enjoy doing at the end of a busy week to help you unwind?

I love to light a stick of incense and maybe a candle, sit and allow all the week's experiences to filter through my mind....write down anything I need to remember, so it doesn't repeat in my mind, and then enjoy a glass of wine!

With so many shops disappearing from our towns, it's inspiring to see a new Independent opening in Salisbury - Yoga Stuff is situated in the Maltings just off Salisbury's central car park.

Thank you for checking in - we would be delighted if you could share this post on your social media pages as every like, share, and comment helps a fledgling business to grow. Thank you, Pam x

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