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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Well, it looks like many of us will be unable to take that well deserved holiday this year. Despite the warm and beautiful Spring, it has been hard for us to give up the one thing we look forward to the most, a holiday! Preferably somewhere warm, near the sea, where we can relax under a parasol and sip on a long refreshing drink!

During the recent hot, dry weather, (almost Mediterranean temperatures!) it has been essential to remain well-hydrated. Even our skin needs plenty of moisture, so it does not start to look dull and tired. Naturally, water is the best drink to help hydrate us. And a fantastic boost for clearer hydrated skin is a combination of diet and skin moisturisers.

Vitamin C is essential and helps build our immune system – found in all the citrus fruits, bell peppers and broccoli. Surprisingly bell peppers are also a rich source of beta carotene which our body converts into vitamin A – essential for healthy skin. If peeling an orange is not your thing, try fruit smoothies or a squeeze of lemon in your black tea or a few drops of lemon juice in a glass of water.

Avocados have been a favourite on toast with a poached egg. Personally, I prefer to use them in salads. These creamy fruits are packed with antioxidants and can be mashed or blended to create a moisturising facial cleansing mask. However, it can get a little messy!

We all have our favourite skincare rituals. Hence, combining these essential fruits and vegetables and great skincare helps give our skin what it needs to stay beautiful and blemish-free.

Meanwhile, I am still trawling through those holiday brochures…..

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