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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

At Live Well, we believe natural soap is best. Nourishing ingredients come together to make the perfect soap bars, which look beautiful and smell divine. The colours, patterns and flecks come from real ingredients you can see and feel; like coconut, olive oil, botanicals, honey, oats and pure essential oils.

Coconut oil in each of our soap bars helps produce a luxurious lather that you won’t be able to resist! Turn the soap bar a few times in your hands to create lots of soft, fragrant bubbles.

Our soaps are cruelty-free and contain no preservatives, sulphates or parabens. Live Well products fully comply with all legislation governing cosmetics' manufacture in the UK & Europe and our labels for soap and skincare products use the appropriate Latin-style INCA naming standards.

Caring for your soap

A natural bar of soap will last as long as a manufactured bar containing synthetic ingredients and detergents. We recommend using a soap dish that allows drainage and the circulation of fresh air, and we offer a free soap dish with all our gift sets. View our beautiful collection of fragrant and velvety soaps that are perfect for sensitive skin!

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