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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

How often do we change the photos and paintings we hang on our walls? Usually, pictures of our children are replaced with new ones as they grow up but wall art such as paintings and framed prints are generally collected over many years and are only changed or replaced when we decorate or move house.

As the seasons change and we head into shorter days isn’t it nice to have a beautiful colourful painting or photo to cheer us up? And original artwork needn’t cost the earth. When artists display their work via a gallery or exhibition the gallery can take a very large percentage of the sale price which can make original artwork expensive to buy.

During my search for affordable and unique wall-art and feeling in need of a change, I came across some wonderful paintings by Suzanne Welch. Her colourful paintings are both beautiful and mood-enhancing and I am now the proud owner of two!

When restyling a room why not add that special piece to brighten up your walls with truly creative art which will add the WOW factor too! To purchase Suzanne’s paintings please visit her on Facebook under Suza Welch Art & Design.

Suzanne’s paintings as described by her are colourful abstract impressionism.

And if you are looking for simply stunning wearable art by Suzanne then check out the beautiful scarves featured on Suzanne's Facebook page and at The Silk Bureau.

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