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Passionate about Pottery

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Something made by hand is extraordinary, and creating ceramics and pottery, whether it's bespoke bowls, dishes, or vases is an excellent way of relaxing!

Getting passionate at the potter's wheel can conjure up beautiful pieces for your own home, to sell at craft fairs or your own social media site.

Hand-made pottery and ceramics is a rapidly growing business versus factory-produced sameness. In the UK our artisans and cottage industries are booming with all sorts of fantastic talent on our doorstep!

As we seek to move away from mass-produced items, we are looking to purchase unique handcrafted pieces for our homes.

A particular favourite local potter of mine is Shelley, and some of her beautiful items are showcased here on my blog. If you are interested in viewing more of Shelley's collection, please get in touch with me at Live Well. I will be uploading different items very soon.

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